About Us

    Chemical Construction Corporation , under the Sichuan Provincial Chemical Construction Corporation . Corporation for the construction of large-scale joint-stock enterprise with chemical petroleum engineering construction general contractor Class , housing construction general contractor Class , mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction general contractor Class and other qualifications, and passed the quality, environment , occupational health and safety management system certification.

    After nearly a decade of development, has formed Liaoning, Xinjiang , Qinghai, Ningxia , Chongqing, Guangdong , Sichuan and other business area, complete Maoming, Guangdong , Xinjiang Dushanzi , Qinghai Salt Lake , and dozens of Ningxia Sunshine and medium-sized projects. The company 's technology and first-class quality of the owners alike.

Chemical Construction Corporation , Sichuan eighth installation company adhering to the " transition from the opportunity to guide the strategic direction , the transition from a resource into capacity-building, the transition from the ingenious to the system operation management" goal, always around " to help customers achieve a blueprint to help employees realize the value of helping companies create effective "values, realized from the start of the qualitative leap in the development of the .

   Private enterprise system , professional talent, excellent management ideas, unique corporate culture Sichuan-based company will build eight new attitude, a relaxed pace standing on the industry .